Cordia Aruba - Toyota

Camacuri 8



Cordia opened her doors in Aruba in July of 1965 with a supply of 10 cars and a few thousand dollars in parts. (Meanwhile has sold more than 25.000 cars and has millions parts in stock.) The business grew rapidly and before a year had passed Cordia had to move from the original location in Caya Betico Croes to L.G. Smith Boulevard 114. Over the years, the company plant has expanded three times.

From its establishment until he 70’s Mr. Herbert Schnog ran the business completely by himself. In 1976 Mr. Herbert Schnog retired from the company and handed over the company to his son Hans Schnog. During the first years Mr. Hans Schnog managed the business together with Mr. Milo Daal.

On July 17, 2005, exactly 40 years after the company first opened her doors, Cordia introduced her new dealershipfacility at Camacuri. Since incorporation in 1965, Cordia’s objective is to continuously and pro-actively expand delivery of its products and services to the market.